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It doesn't matter your client access your site from mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. We accomodate all your needs


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We accomodate all your needs. We can customized your site as your needs, simple, complicated, as your wish.

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Short development timeline

We deliver to you as fast as we could, short timeline? it wasn't a problem for us


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We give reasonable price with a lot of value added feature and service, just for you. Contact Us now !

Our Project Screenshots

This is our product screenshots, to see a lot of our product you can see in this website.

We have done a lot of projects. This is some we have saved for you to see.

About Our Company

Learn more detail about our team,skill and history.

Eventhough we are new, we believed that we can succeed because we have learnt a lot in this field.

Our History

Applaud Development was built by 2 gentlemen which used to work on the same project and same company. Both of our founder have different expertise which complement each other.

Both of them then cooperate to build this team and concentrate in their expertise, and they are starting to doing project which satisfy all of their client.

They complement each other well and start this company to help others which have difficulties in establishing their IT infrastructure and solve it.

Our Team Skills



PHP & MySQL95%


Founder and Head Developer

Adrian Putra Taslim

Young, energetic, Gadget lovers


Founder and Head Designer

Ardi Ismail

Young, energetic and creative

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We’re currently accepting new client projects. We look forward to serving you.

Never hesitate to contact us. It doesn't matter if you just want to consult all your IT System problems or your personal problems, we will try solve it all :)